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Electronic music between design, art and fashion


The London Design Museum dedicates an exhibition to electronic music exploring the links that this genre has had with art, design and fashion.

The London Design Museum (224-238 Kensington High St) turns into a club, filled with lights and sounds, to host the exhibition “Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers”, celebrating the hypnotic sound of electronic music and rave culture. The exhibition, enriched by a special soundtrack curated by French dj Laurent Garnier, aims at highlighting how design, technology and innovation pervaded the work of visionary artists such as Krafwerk, Chemical Brothers, Jeff Mills, Daphne Oram, Jean-Michel Jarre and Aphex Twin. “I have been a frequenter of the London electronic scene – said the event’s co-curator Maria McLintock – so I feel very attached to this genre and I am so grateful towards the pioneers of this panorama, who innovated technology exploring new sound territories.”

To these words we must add those of Gemma Curtin, the other curator of the exhibition who explains how sound is just one of the aspects of this scene: “Many online and offline communities have established themselves around this genre. Besides, electronic music, thanks to technology, has made music democratic and has offered a protected place where to express oneself freely.” The creative variety of this music genre is described in the exhibition by highlighting the existing links between electronic music and contemporary design, art and fashion. A vocation for interdisciplinarity shown by the presence in the exhibition of the works of Charles Jeffrey of Loverboy, Andreas Gursky, Peter Saville, Boiler Room, The Designers Republic, Christian Marclay, Jeremy Deller and many more. Open to visitors from 1st April to 26th July 2020.