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Diving with style


Rizzoli published “Splash: The Art of the Swimming Pool” a volume including over 200 images of swimming pools featuring the most varied and original architectural styles.

With a grain of irony Al Pacino once said that stars are “People who live in Hollywood and have heart-shaped swimming pools”.

This definitely kitsch image of the pool is contradicted by an interesting book published by Rizzoli, “Splash: The Art of the Swimming Pool”. Indeed, the book includes over 200 images of swimming pools featuring the most varied architectural styles, located in the most varied places: from the pools built in tropical paradises to those situated in the Californian desert, on the ocean or surrounded by luxuriant gardens.

Among the swimming pools captured are those of stars like Cher and Diane Keaton, those of designers like Bunny Williams and Carolyne Roehm, up to those made by real archistars such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra and Luis Barragán. The photos of the book were shot by Tim Street-Porter, well-known design and architecture photographer author of various books such as Casa Mexicana, The Los Angeles House, Tropical Houses. The critical text was curated by Annie Kelly, a journalist and writer specialised in design and traveling.