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Discovering the most authentic Cuba


"This island is the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen,"

It appears that Christopher Colombus has said this on his arrival in Cuba, and to this island Rizzoli has dedicated a photographic book entitled: “101 luoghi da scoprire e amare” (“Cuba – 101 beautiful and nostalgic places to visit”) , which is also a guide to finding out how the island’s national and cultural identity has evolved in the last 500 years.

Mogotes in Vinales’ valley

The author of the volume is Michael Connors, expert in the island’s art and architecture, who guides us to discover the most authentic Cuba: dwellings and streets, beaches and gardens, shops and small businesses, colors and slow rhythms. With this philosophy, the author accompanies us to many picturesque and nostalgic corners – old hotels, workshops and ateliers, abandoned theaters, private homes – which survived because they were taken off the mainstream of the tourism circuits. However, also legendary destinations are not missing, such as the Bacardi Museum in Santiago de Cuba, or the museum dedicated to Hemingway in Finca La Vigía, where the writer was living, the Tropicana Night Club in Havana, the botanical gardens of Cienfuegos, the park of Villa Clara, and the Guantanamo cocoa factory. Jorge A. Laserna shoots the book’s photographs and they perfectly capture the charm of Cuba.

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