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Digital architectural utopia


A volume titled “Dreamscapes & Artificial Architecture” collects the works of 40 digital designers and 3D artists that have realized utopian architectural structures and interiors, remembering us how designers never have to stop experiencing.

A book that can help us dreaming about other worlds and letting our imagination run free, especially in such a difficult moment like the one we are living. “Dreamscapes & Artificial Architecture” edited by Gestalten is a volume of over 200 pages that collects projects related to architectures, interior and set design realized by digital designers and 3D artists. Given their utopian spirit, these projects won’t clearly never be realized, however they surely act as a stimulator for a debate on the innumerable expressive potential of the architectural world. Moreover, they have the virtue of urging designers never to abandon the desire to experiment.

Among these 40 designers we can cite Antoni Tudisco, Alexis Christodoulou, Friederich Neumann, Yumbo studio, Massimo Colonna, Filip Hodas and Ezequiel Pini, founder of the Six N. Five studio. The scenarios represented are the most varied and captivating ones: those “inhabited” by buildings held up by huge opalescent spheres and by pools of pink little balls. Others instead give access to landscapes as endless as unreal. Infinite possible worlds offer everyone the chance to choose the one that lies nearer to each one’s sensitivity and personal aesthetic taste.

Above: One of the projects of the book “Dreamscapes & Artificial Architecture” edited by Gestalten