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Design serving people


In emergency times like the one we are living, many designers have been engaged in useful projects for the society.

“People think that design is styling. Design is not style. It’s not about giving shape to the shell and not giving a damn about the guts. Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need and beauty to produce something that the world didn’t know it was missing.” So quoted Paola Antonelli, designer and curator of Architecture & Design at MoMa in New York. Nowadays it’s common to consider design strictly related only to objects aesthetics and ignore its functional aspect. This should be debunked.

At the time of Coronavirus, many designers have in fact demonstrated that fundamental objects during this emergency, can be both useful and of great design. Here are some examples: Tokuljin Yoshioka has realized a video, sharing a template for an easy-to-make face shield mask to protect COVID-19 healthcare workers. Adam Miklosi has studied a facial protection consisting of only one plastic element. Ashley Lawrence, a design student, has created a mask that uses a clear panel that lets the deaf read lips. Mitsufuji, a Japanese textile manufacture company, has launched a mask made of special medical fibres that can be washed and used repeatedly up to 50 times. According to designer Achille Castiglioni: “A good project arises from the desire to establish an exchange, even a small one, with the unknown person who will use the object you have designed.”

A small exchange that for the cases above described is extremely important.

Above: The facial protection by Adam Miklosi