Xerjoff Magazine

Decas: a scented hymn to Italy


Created to celebrate the year of unification of Italy, 1861 XJ Collection is enriched with a new charming essence, “Decas”, a fragrant hymn to the luxuriant nature of Belpaese.

In every creation Xerjoff reveals that typically Italian attitude focused on the search for quality and beauty. Indeed, every essence of this well-known brand of niche perfumery is the result of a skilful selection process of the best natural elements, but not only. Yes, because Xerjoff is also a synonym of design as shown by the elegant bottles in Venetian glass, fruit of a centuries-old know-how and suitable to embrace a perfume that bewitches for its qualities. Being Xerjoff rooted in the Italian style and culture, it was impossible not to celebrate Belpaese with a collection, XJ 1861 Collection, created to celebrate the year of Italy’s unification.

Now, ten years after its launch, a new essence enriches it: we are talking about “Decas” that, after “Reinassance”, “Zefiro” and “Naxos”, continues the “journey” across Belpaese to discover its wonders, in an ongoing connection between nature and culture. That magical mix that over time has been able to capture artists, poets and writers of every nationality, among whom even Johann Wolfgang Goethe, who dedicated these words to Italy: “all that surrounds me is full of nobility, is the great and respectable work of a harmonious human force, the magnificent monument not of a sovereign prince, but of a people”. “Decas” opens with Calabrian mandarin combined with tuberose flowers and an accent of tobacco. Its heart is dominated by noble talc notes of Italian iris rootstocks mixed with the resin-based aromas of benzoin and opoponax. Its base includes musk, Bourbon vanilla and balm nuances that add warmth, depth and luxury to the fragrance.