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David Bowie: The Alien Who Loved Berlin


Above: image from Taschen’s book “David Bowie - The man who fell to earth”.

While an 11CD box set entitled “A New Career In A New Town” (1977-1982) that retraces Bowie’s years in Berlin has been recently released and an exhibition entitled “David Bowie is”, will soon open in New York (March 2, 2018), Taschen dedicates a photographic book to the famous English artist that re-proposes the story of “The Man Who Fell to Earth”, movie in which David Bowie played the leading role.

Released in 1976 and directed by Nicolas Roeg, the film is based on the Walter Tevis’ 1963 novel of the same title about an extraterrestrial who crash-lands on Earth seeking a way to save his planet, suffering from a drought. His mission is destined to fail. The volume titled “David Bowie. The man who fell to earth” offers numerous photos and behind-the-scenes images, shot by David James, the photographer following the troupe, who during an interview brings a series of insights about the filmmaking. Finally, a critical essay analyzes the reasons why “The Man Who Fell to Earth” became a true sci-fi cult movie. First reason, among many, the presence of David Bowie, who at the time was at his debut as an actor.