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David Adjaye and Aston Martin, an exciting synergy


An unprecedented collaboration that led to the creation of 5 luxury apartments in the elegant skyscraper 130 William in New York involved the famous car company Aston Martin and the visionary architect Sir David Adjaye.

More than once we have highlighted how today’s various creative disciplines interact with each other giving life to exciting, unprecedented creations. After presenting the result of synergetic visions between art, design and fashion, this time we talk about a project combining car manufacturing and architecture. Indeed, the prestigious British car company Aston Martin with architect Sir David Adjaye and Lightstone, one of the largest real estate agencies in USA, have recently announced the beginning of a partnership that will give life to a series of five exclusive residences, available for purchase at 130 William, the most important new luxury residential complex in New York City (a 244-metres high building with 66 storeys and composed by 242 residences). The owners of these dream houses will also be able to travel with style on an Aston Martin DBX 130 William Adjaye Special Edition designed by Sir David Adjaye.

The Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin, Marek Reichman and Sir David Adjaye have worked at this project together to bring Aston Martin’s elegant design and craftsmanship into customised architecture at 130 William and into the residences’ interiors, that will all be hand-designed. About his collaboration with the well-known car manufacturer, Sir David Adjaye said “It was exciting to have the chance to work with the Aston Martin team. The residences of 130 William designed with this famous brand have an incredibly special character that mixes our own sensitivities into design. Besides the limited-edition SUVs provided with these units, we also created a really unique style that puts our disciplines together”.

Above: The 130 William Building where sir-David-Adjaye in collaboration with Aston-Martin created five exclusive residences.