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Creative Kisses


More and more often Fashion and design interact

A confirmation of this very common trend, comes from the collaboration between two famous brands: Gufram and Moschino. Together they have created “Moschino kisses Gufram”, an irreverent furniture capsule collection. Irony, humor, provocation are elements that characterize these two brands’ styles. During the course of their history they have represented the radicality of Italian creativity around the world. The collection consists of three new iconic products. Firstly, Zipped Lips! special edition of the “Bocca” sofa – designed in 1970 by Studio 65 – which is contaminated by the inspiration of Moschino’s creative director, Jeremy Scott. The Sofa is accompanied by two other products, for which Gufram for the first time uses leather. The Biker cabinet a piece of furniture on wheels that resembles the shapes of Moschino’s Biker bag, closely reproducing its studs, hinges, collar, pockets. And finally, High Heels, two provocative black leather décolleté shoes with a golden heel, inside which a pouf finds space in one, and three glass shelves in the other.

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