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Copenhagen: getting a breathe of new life in the City Park


City park is an ambitious project carried out by Olafur Eliasson which involves the construction of a large area of woodland in the center of Copenhagen. An important urban artery will leave room for tree-lined pedestrian walkways, ponds, cycle paths and flowers of all kinds.

The debate, concerning the future of large cities, already widespread due to the environmental emergency, has been made even more heated by the spread of the pandemic. The points of view of city urban planners and architects are very different and in some cases even antithetical. Stefano Boeri, the author of the famous Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) of Milan, for example, stated that in the future we will see, perhaps thanks to the possibility of smart working, a progressive depopulation of the urban areas in favor of a repopulation of the countryside. In Denmark, on the other hand, some believe that large cities can become, thanks to specific urban interventions, welcoming places from which chaos and confusion are banished. This idea is well represented by the City Park project, a 10,000 square meter urban forest that will rise in the center of the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

The author of this ambitious project is Olafur Eliasson (already author of other green works for the Danish capital) in collaboration with the architects of the Gehi studio and Sebastian Behmann of the Other Spaces studio. What makes City Park a noteworthy work is the fact that it involves the total reconversion of an important piece of the city, in particular of an important urban artery. This will result in the disappearance of cars and traffic and the arrival of a giant forest with tree-lined pedestrian walkways, ponds, cycle paths and flowers of all kinds. In this natural context there will also be offices and spaces dedicated to exhibitions, music, theater and art. Finally, there will be places where it will be possible to immerse yourself in the total silence of meditation.