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Ayla Golf club: between the dunes of the desert

Published on November, 14th 2019

With a 44 sqm surface area, the Ayla Golf club in Aqaba (Jordan) was born from the desire to interact with a charming and wild natural landscape.
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Capri, the home of the “Dolce Vita”

Published on June, 7th 2019

To celebrate the beauty and glamour that over the years has fascinated the jet set as well as numerous artists and writers Assouline dedicates a book to Capri.
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Beefbar: takes you back in time to the Paris of Art Nouveau

Published on March, 7th 2019

Located in downtown Paris, the Beefbar allows its guests to relive the bubbling and energetic Art Noveau mood, enjoying delicious meat-based dishes
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Soho House: a Club for Creative Minds

Published on February, 19th 2019

Bringing people together, networking and high level hospitality is what guarantees Soho House to be an internationally widespread club project
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