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Odeuropa: in search of lost smells

Published on May, 21st 2021

Odeuropa is an interesting project that through the collaboration of a team of experts aims at retracing the smells lost over five centuries of European history, giving life to an encyclopedia of perfumes.
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The Smell of Books

Published on July, 6th 2020

A journey inside the thousands facets of the smell of books, magazines and newspapers.
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Ayla Golf club: between the dunes of the desert

Published on November, 14th 2019

With a 44 sqm surface area, the Ayla Golf club in Aqaba (Jordan) was born from the desire to interact with a charming and wild natural landscape.
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Capri, the home of the “Dolce Vita”

Published on June, 7th 2019

To celebrate the beauty and glamour that over the years has fascinated the jet set as well as numerous artists and writers Assouline dedicates a book to Capri.
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Beefbar: takes you back in time to the Paris of Art Nouveau

Published on March, 7th 2019

Located in downtown Paris, the Beefbar allows its guests to relive the bubbling and energetic Art Noveau mood, enjoying delicious meat-based dishes
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Soho House: a Club for Creative Minds

Published on February, 19th 2019

Bringing people together, networking and high level hospitality is what guarantees Soho House to be an internationally widespread club project
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Elliott Erwitt’s icons

Published on October, 4th 2018

On show in Pavia, a glimpse of 1900’s history of costume through the shots of Eliott Erwitt, great master of photography
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Pikovaya Dama, the scent of great literature

Published on February, 12th 2018

Xerjoff celebrates the Great Russian literature with a fragrance that takes its name from a story by the great poet and novelist Aleksandr Pushkin
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Vespa, an icon of Italian design

Published on January, 26th 2018

A large exhibition dedicated to the Vespa, one of the most recognized symbols of Italian design, is taking place at the MACIST museum in Biella
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Rome, an Eternal Charm

Published on January, 18th 2018

A charming photographic portrait of Rome brings together images from the 1840’s to the present day all highlighting the extraordinary beauty of Italy’s Capital

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Alphonse Mucha, Art Nouveau genius

Published on January, 5th 2018

An exhibition in Madrid retraces the life and work of Alphonse Mucha, Czech painter, decorative artist, and leading exponent of the Art Noveau style
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Pompeii dialogues with the present

Published on December, 27th 2017

Pompeii’s remains dialogue with contemporary art in an exhibition at the Madre in Naples.
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Louvre Abu Dhabi, the place where cultures meet

Published on December, 15th 2017

After ten years of construction, the Louvre Abu Dhabi was recently inaugurated in the capital of the Emirates. Designed by Jean Nouvel, the museum is 97,000 sq meters in size, 6,400 of which are reserved to exhibitions.
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Must read: Wanderlust – Hiking on Legendary Trails

Published on December, 11th 2017

“The earth is many planets that intersect only at moments,” said the American writer John Updike. And how to can we contradict him considering the diversity of ecosystems, topographies, cultures and histories that characterize the various parts of our planet.
A nice book by Gestalten entitled “Wanderlust - Hiking on Legendary Trails” is the witness of all this richness, which we unfortunately at times neglect or worse destroy.
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Must read: Jazz. New York in the Roaring Twenties

Published on December, 4th 2017

Jazz music was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and in the 1920’s it was in its heyday in New York
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Xerjoff’s scent in Turin

Published on November, 24th 2017

Xerjoff returns home. After opening various stores around the world (2 monobrand stores in London at Harrods one in 2014 and a second one last July, and in Dubai in 2010) it recently inaugurated a new flagship store in Turin, the city where everything started ten years ago
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Must-attend event: The Grand Ball of La Venaria Reale

Published on November, 16th 2017

A major cultural charity event that will allow a selected number of young debutantes accompanied by Cadets of the Naval Academy in Livorno to live an unforgettable experience.

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Che Guevara.Tu Y todos

Published on October, 23rd 2017

Must- visit Exhibition: Che Guevara. Tu y todos
A man who gave his life for freedom and justice, a perfume that celebrates strong and self-conscious personalities
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