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Douglas Kirkland: Coco and Marilyn, two myths compared

Published on June, 17th 2021

An exhibition taking place in Biella compares two icons of cinema and fashion: Marilyn Monroe and Coco Chanel portrayed during the '60s by the Canadian photographer Douglas Kirkland.
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The aquatic world of Maria Svarbova

Published on April, 20th 2021

Old swimming pools enlivened by models performing gymnastic and aquatic exercises. It is the magical and surreal world of Slovakian photographer Maria Svarbova, attracted by the rigorous architectures of the communist era.
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Black and white emotions

Published on March, 4th 2021

An exhibition entitled “Noir et blanc, une esthétique de la photographie” that can be visited on the website of Grand Palais in Paris highlights the great expressive qualities of black and white photography.
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The great beauty, a view from the top

Published on February, 15th 2021

“Italy from above” is an evocative photographic volume proposing an aerial journey over the Belpaese, revealing the great artistic and architectural heritage characterising its territory.
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Italy in Steve McCurry’s heart

Published on May, 4th 2020

American photographer Steve McCurry has created a video titled “Tribute to Italy” to express his true love to this beautiful country.
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Photography is Pop

Published on October, 15th 2018

Camera – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia of Turin dedicates an exhibition to the influence that photography had on Pop Art. About 150 works exhibited, made by the most important representatives of the well-known movement
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Arles: Capital of Photography

Published on September, 6th 2018

With about 30 scheduled exhibitions, Les Rencontres de la photographie of Arles offer the best of international photography, between homages to great masters and “scouting” of young emerging photographers
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