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Wes Anderson, when social distancing becomes art

Published on May, 21st 2020

A funny video by video editor Luiz Azevedo, in cooperation with the web magazine Little White Lies, examines social distancing in Wes Anderson movies.
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Published on May, 11th 2020

Iconic examples throughout the history reveal how incredibly strong is the bond between smell and cinema. The sense of hearing may seem an essential entertainment, but only movies in which we can perceive the smell can really become unforgettable.
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Unforgettable Audrey

Published on February, 10th 2020

The private and intimate side of Audrey Hepburn, unforgettable protagonist of movies like “Roman holiday” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, is at the heart of an exhibition now in progress at Fondazione Carispezia.
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Ernst Haas: Hollywood Stars in the Desert

Published on April, 1st 2019

Ernst Haas was the stage photographer for “The Misfits”, a film directed by John Houston starring three Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and Montgomery Clift. An exhibition taking place in Bologna makes us relive the atmosphere of the set
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Suspiria Revisited

Published on November, 5th 2018

Luca Guadagnino has directed a remake of Suspiria, the cult movie by Dario Argento, and the lead singer of Radiohead, Thom Yorke, is composing the film's score.
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McQueen, rebel genius

Published on September, 24th 2018

A harmoniously full of emotion storytelling is what “McQueen” documentary dedicated to the great British fashion designer Alexander McQueen is offering us
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Rooftop Cinema Club: heavenly visions

Published on August, 2nd 2018

Relive the excitement of viewing the great cult classics or discovering the talent of young emerging film directors underneath a starry sky on the top of a skyscraper. This is what Rooftop Cinema Club is about, a new initiative which is achieving a resounding success
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