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The Hortensia Armchair has bloomed!

Published on May, 7th 2021

Created on Instagram as "the chair that could not be made", the Hortensia Armchair, designed by Andrés Reisinger and Julia Esqué, today is produced by Moooi in limited edition.
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Xerjoff 1986: the solidarity perfume

Published on May, 3rd 2021

For the project “Spray to help”, Xerjoff created the 1986 Parfum, essence aimed at supporting the work of the Piedmontese foundation Candiolo for the fight against cancer. A successful mix of natural elements stimulating physical and mental wellbeing.
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Alice, muse of creativity

Published on April, 29th 2021

An exhibition at V&A Museum in London analyses the influence that the book “Alice’s adventures in wonderland” has had, over time, on the various creative disciplines: from cinema to photography, from theatre to fashion, from painting to music.
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Rock: Every Cover Tells a Story

Published on March, 11th 2021

On it’s 40th anniversary Taschen reissued the history of rock through record covers, from the most famous to the ultra rare ones.
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