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Edward Hopper, the modernity of a great master

Published on December, 21st 2020

In the online exhibition “Hopperiana. Social distancing before Covid-19” four photographers interpret Edward Hopper’s aesthetics revealing its modernity.
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Women in fashion according to Norman Parkinson

Published on November, 9th 2020

Photographers Norman Parkinson, Milton Greene, Terence Donovan, Terry O'Neill and Jerry Schatzberg changed the way of portraying women in fashion in the years between 1948 and 1968. An exhibition tells us about it.
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Luxury over time

Published on October, 26th 2020

How has the concept of luxury changed during the various eras? The exhibition “Luxes”, in progress at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, tells us about it.
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1900 seen by Margaret Bourke-White

Published on October, 15th 2020

“Prima, donna. Margaret Bourke-White” is the title of a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the great American photographer, in progress at Palazzo Reale in Milan.
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The poetics of Venetian glass that conquered America

Published on October, 5th 2020

The exhibition "Venice and the American Glass Studio" highlights the influence that the traditional glass working techniques of the lagoon city have exercised on American artists from the 1960’s to nowadays.
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Youssef Nabil: life is a dream

Published on September, 7th 2020

Palazzo Grassi in Venice hosts “Once Upon a Dream”, a monographic exhibition dedicated to Youssef Nabil, an Egyptian artist author of dream-like images with a melancholic feel.
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Cecil Beaton’s Golden Youth

Published on August, 25th 2020

The exhibition “Bright Young Things” focuses on Cecil Beaton’s early days, high society and avant-garde, artists and writers, socialites and revelers are the milieu that he has portrayed.
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The Stone Cathedrals by Olivo Barbieri

Published on August, 6th 2020

The ancestral charm of the Dolomites, mountains whose history began two hundred and fifty million years ago, is at the center of a photographic project by Olivo Barbieri, which can be visited in Lagazuoi at an altitude of almost 3000 meters high.
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Obey, art, rights and peace!

Published on August, 4th 2020

Palazzo Ducale in Genoa is hosting an art exhibition dedicated to Shepard Fairey aka Obey, a well-known American street artist committed to issues of political and civil relevance.
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Mario Testino celebrates the irresistible Italian appeal

Published on July, 24th 2020

A thick photography volume titled “Ciao. Omaggio all’Italia” celebrates Italian style and creativity. Its author is Peruvian photographer Mario Testino, who states that his passion for fashion derives right from the Belpaese.
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Magnum Photos, pictures and conversations during quarantine

Published on July, 8th 2020

Among the most important photo agencies, Magnum Photos has documented the pandemic through two interesting initiatives: “Diary of a pandemic” and “Quarantine Conversation”.
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Christo’s last intuition

Published on June, 24th 2020

Deceased last May, Christo, the master of Land Art, had been working for years to the wrapping of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Due to the pandemic, the work of art has been postponed until September 2021.
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Sabine Pigalle and the revised classics

Published on June, 15th 2020

In a series titled “My Corona Days”, French artist Sabine Pigalle has revisited the masterpieces of painting realized by great masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli and Jan Vermeer.
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Scented reopening in Venice

Published on June, 8th 2020

Mocenigo Palace houses the Perfume Museum in Venice, which is opening again after lockdown. Guided tours for a time-travel to discover the wonderful history of perfume.
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The world of art between solidarity and hope

Published on June, 3rd 2020

Works of art created to raise funds amid this heath crisis or that simply invite us to hold on and have hope. Damien Hirst, Quentin Blake and Gilbert & George are the British well-known artists who conceived them.
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Banksy’s new superheroine

Published on May, 25th 2020

With “Game Changer” Banksy pays tribute to the nurse staff and NHS that are engaged to struggle the virus and to ensure our health.
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David Hockney, Coronavirus won’t stop nature

Published on May, 18th 2020

From his lockdown in Normandy, David Hockney portrays the reawakening of nature by capturing the beautiful natural landscapes he is surrounded with.
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Design serving people

Published on April, 20th 2020

In emergency times like the one we are living, many designers have been engaged in useful projects for the society.
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6 feet covers: musicians at the right distance

Published on April, 8th 2020

Some of the most iconic rock-pop covers have been reviewed by two American artists, following the rules of social distancing.
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The Great Empty: the new face of places

Published on April, 2nd 2020

The New York Times has launched “The Great Empty” project asking various photographers to document the new face of places in this period of social distancing.
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Electronic music between design, art and fashion

Published on March, 6th 2020

The London Design Museum dedicates an exhibition to electronic music exploring the links that this genre has had with art, design and fashion.
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Architecture is female!

Published on March, 4th 2020

The women’s contribution to architecture is relevant as underlined in an interesting book edited by Jane Hall for Phaidon entitled "Breaking Ground - Architecture by women".
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Metropolises seen by Gabriele Basilico

Published on February, 19th 2020

An exhibition now in progress at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome highlights the interest that photographer Gabriele Basilico has always showed towards metropolises.
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The Irishman, behind the scene

Published on February, 6th 2020

Assouline dedicates a volume to The Irishman, the latest masterpiece by Martin Scorsese. A fascinating “behind-the-scene” including images from the set and photographic portraits of the movie’s main characters.
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Federico Fellini, imaginative genius

Published on January, 30th 2020

“Fellini 100 Immortal Genius” is the title of the exhibition taking place at Castel Sismondo in Rimini, which celebrates 100 years after the birth of one of the greatest directors in film history.
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Ornament is not a crime

Published on January, 2nd 2020

The exhibition "What A Wonderful World" proposes an exciting and original journey through the centuries, to understand how much decorations and the ornaments tell about us and the world around us.
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