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Leonard Cohen’s Last dance

Published on December, 16th 2019

Leonard Cohen’s posthumous album, curated by his son Adam in collaboration with a large group of famous performers, is released as “Thanks for the dance”.
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Milan in the legendary ‘60s

Published on December, 2nd 2019

An exhibition now open at Palazzo Morando in Milan celebrates the cultural and artistic effervescence of Lombardy’s main city during 1960s.
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Rome seen by Gianni Berengo Gardin

Published on November, 18th 2019

A solo exhibition on the Capital, captured by the lens of Gianni Berengo Gardin, is now being held at Casale di Santa Maria Nova in Rome. Seventy-five pictures showing the evolution and contradictions of the timeless City from the second post-war period to the present day.
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Rankin’s world in Milan

Published on November, 11th 2019

The 29 Arts In Progress gallery in Milan dedicates the first Italian solo exhibition to the famous British photographer Rankin. On display his iconic celebrity portraits, from Jude Law to Ewan McGregor, from Blondie to Monica Bellucci, as well as some of his more conceptual works.
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The Lunar Landscapes by Stefano De Rosa

Published on October, 24th 2019

An exhibition, dedicated to the astrophotographer Stefano De Rosa, is held at the Xerjoff Gallery in Turin celebrating the bewitching beauty of the Moon.
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Alex Prager’s Film Imagery

Published on October, 22nd 2019

Images that recall film noir, thrillers, dramas and detective films: these are the ones made by Alex Prager, to whom Fondazione Sozzani in Milan dedicates an exhibition entitled “Silver Lake Drive”
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California Dreamin’

Published on October, 7th 2019

California in the late 1960’s portrayed by photographer Dennis Stock, between hippy counter-culture, demonstrators, concerts, bikers and surfers.
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The fairy-tale universe of Tim Walker at the V&A Museum in London

Published on September, 9th 2019

The V&A Museum of London dedicates a rich retrospective to Tim Walker, whose images dedicated to the world of fashion and Hollywood stars evoke a fairy-tale universe.
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Nino Migliori: neorealist experimenter

Published on July, 8th 2019

40 images of Nino Migliori -one of the most appreciated Italian photographers- are on display at the Astino Abbey in Bergamo in an exhibition entitled “Nino Migliori - Forme del vero”
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Rock’n’roll at the MET

Published on June, 24th 2019

The MET in New York retraces the history of rock’n’roll through the instruments that made it great, in an exhibition entitled “Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock & Roll”
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Roy Lichtenstein: Pop Visions

Published on June, 11th 2019

The Mudec museum in Milan hosts “Roy Lichtenstein: Multiple Visions” an exhibition that, with 100 works, pays homage to the great master of American Pop art.
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Barry Feinstein: sixty years among the stars

Published on May, 20th 2019

In La Spezia is now taking place the first Italian retrospective dedicated to Barry Feinstein, American photographer who captured the big names of Hollywood of 1950s and the most important performers of 60s and 70s.
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Alfred Hitchcock: Backstage Shivers

Published on May, 10th 2019

The masterpieces directed by Alfred Hitchcock for Universal Pictures are celebrated through an exhibition in Pisa, showcasing a collection of images shot on the sets and backstage of films ranging from Psycho to Rear Window, from The Birds to Vertigo
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David Bailey: from London’s east end to the world

Published on April, 23rd 2019

A precious limited edition retrospective published by Taschen, gathering David Bailey’s photographic production presenting portraits of celebrities such as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jean Shrimpton, Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Catherine Deneuve
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Paris changes its colors to “Rouge”

Published on April, 18th 2019

“Rouge. Art et utopie au pays des Soviets” is the exhibition dedicated to the Soviet art after October 1917 Revolution being held at the Grand Palais in Paris, presenting the artworks from Vladimir Maïakovski, Alexandre Rodtchenko, Alexandre Deïneka and Youri Pimenov
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Martin Parr: Human nature

Published on April, 8th 2019

Great Britain at the time of Brexit alongside with numerous portraits of ordinary people portrayed in their everyday life: this is the focus of the work of Martin Parr - British photographer - to whom the National Portrait Gallery in London dedicates a large retrospective
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Marianne’s capability

Published on March, 15th 2019

Marianne Faithfull, the well-known 60’s icon, releases “Negative Capability” a very profound album, filled with moving and soft sounds
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Alessandro Paglia, Magical Hyperrealism

Published on March, 4th 2019

Alessandro Paglia’s works are characterized by a hyper-realistic style. The Milanese artist depicts in his paintings iconic and pop design objects, but also famous motorcycles and prestigious vintage cars
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