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Capri, the home of the “Dolce Vita”


To celebrate the beauty and glamour that over the years has fascinated the jet set as well as numerous artists and writers Assouline dedicates a book to Capri.

Capri has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It is an enchanting island located between the Gulf of Naples and Salerno. After being a Greek colony, in 29 BC, it became part of the domain of Rome under the Roman Emperor Augustus. The remains of its glorious past alongside its lush and wild nature, its morphology of plain lands and coasts with delightful coves and caves (including the famous Blue Grotto) have made it a popular destination for many tourists since 1800. Due to its irresistible charm it was included as a fundamental step of the “Grand Tour”- the journey that young European aristocrats used to carry out in the past; besides being the location where an increasing number of artists and intellectuals decided to retire for long periods (sometimes for life) in the their villas. Even the international jet set from the 1950’s chose the island as a “buen retiro” increasing its glamorous appeal.

Capri, defined by the writer-painter Alberto Savinio “one of the magnetic points of the universe” and on which Pablo Neruda wrote his famous poem. Assouline dedicates a book entitled “Capri Dolce vita”. Through over 200 images, this elegant volume, edited by Cesare Cunaccia, offers a journey through the history and the sparkling atmosphere of the island, made of nature, culture, relaxation, but also lots of fun.

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