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Björk’s sense of design


Singer, musician, director, music producer, Björk has thus extended her versatile creativity to design.

If you were to ask a fan of the renowned Icelandic musician Björk what Black Lake is they would answer without hesitation that it’s a beautiful more than 10-minute song from the record Vulnicura released in 2015. The answer would only be partially right because Black Lake has recently also become the name of a home (and not only) decor collection that the artist created for the Finnish brand, with headquarters in London, Klaus Haapaniemi.
The project took shape from a fabric that the former Sugarcubes band leader designed with Klaus Haapaniemi inspired by Finnish nature and portraying lava flowing from erupting volcanos. The fabric, depicting a big black lake populated by strange creatures, turns into the cover of a handcrafted sofa, selected tapestries and a series of round carpets designed in exclusive for the artist’s cottage. To underline the extensive artistic content of the project, in line with the trend that sees design increasingly interact with art, the collection, before finding its abode in Björk’s home, was exhibited for a month at the Lokal art gallery in Helsinki.
A collection of scarves, bags and wallpaper was also produced with the same fabric and is sold online or at the brand’s London store (81 Redchurch Street, E2 7DJ). At the base of this original collaboration between Björk and Klaus Haapaniemi is a shared passion: respect for nature, a regard that the Finnish brand tangibly translates in their responsible use of resources during all the work phases involved in the production.