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Beefbar: takes you back in time to the Paris of Art Nouveau


Located in downtown Paris, the Beefbar allows its guests to relive the bubbling and energetic Art Noveau mood, enjoying delicious meat-based dishes

Certainly, the Beefbar in Paris is not a place for modern minimalism lovers, but with its warm and enveloping welcome it is destined to become a sophisticated location attracting all those who love a refined yesteryear atmosphere.

Located in the 8th arrondissement in 5 rue Marbeuf, not far from the Eiffel Tower, the restaurant is nothing but the rebirth of an Art Noveau masterpiece; the famous Fermette Marbeuf, dating back to 1898 designed by architect Emil Hurtré with beautiful wall paintings made by Jules Wielhorski. The restaurant’s renovation was carried out by the French studio Humbert & Poyet that added a touch of modernity to the splendid Art Nouveau dining hall, considered a National Monument since 1985. The Beefbar, characterized by velvet seats, tables with black lacquered tops and a carpet floor with Art Nouveau floral motifs recalling the glazed ceiling motifs, offers a journey across time just like the one lived by the protagonist of “Midnight in Paris”- famous Woody Allen movie.

The menu is rich and differentiated based on the best meat cuts in the world. Ranging from local rarities such as Avuverge’s Limousine beef, traditional recipes based on Kobe and kebabs to grilled meats and luxury street food.

MUST HAVE: Lira Xerjoff – Casamorati 1888

Casamorati, historical brand founded in 1888 thanks to which the ancient Italian tradition of perfume making comes back to life along with the magnificence of Art Nouveau aesthetics, presents the fragrance Lira. A feminine fragrance characterized by a sparkling Mediterranean blend sweetly enveloped by handpicked lavender flowers. Top notes: bergamot, blood orange, lavender. Heart notes: rose, jasmine, cinnamon, licorice. Base notes: Vanilla, musk, caramel.