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Banksy’s new superheroine


With “Game Changer” Banksy pays tribute to the nurse staff and NHS that are engaged to struggle the virus and to ensure our health.

“I’m not afraid of getting sick. Of what, then? Of all the things the virus could change around me. Of discovering that the framework of civilization as I know it is a house of cards. I’m afraid of hitting reset, but also the opposite: that this wave of fear is all for nothing, that it will pass without leaving any change in its wake”.

This extract is taken from “How Contagion Works”, an instant book by Paolo Giordano that is being published in 33 countries. It well expresses a common state of mind shared by most of us, rife with uncertainty about our future once we will get out of this pandemic.

Will we be able to make good use of what happened to us? Will we try to set that series of wrong things, that were part of our daily life even before the health crisis, right? Of course, time will tell. But, in the meantime, during the lockdown period many of our priorities have certainly changed. And Bansky, well-known English artist and writer whose identity remains a mistery, has precisely worked on this aspect. His new artwork titled “Game Changer” represents a child playing with a nurse superhero toy. The nurse is wearing a face mask, a white apron with a red cross and a cape, her arm is raised as if she is flying. Instead, Batman and Spider-Man figures have been discarded in a bin, like the child would have lost all interest in them. In fact, his new superheroine has now become the nurse. In this way the English artist, well-known for his seismographic sensitivity towards the social sphere, wanted to pay tribute to the nurse staff – and in general to the NHS ­­– that are engaged in a great deal of work to ensure our health. The piece will be located at Southampton general hospital until next autumn. It will then be auctioned to raise money.

Above: “Game Changer” by Banksy