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The Ball: Fashion Escape


An interactive and multisensory experience that combines sound, set design, lights and scents celebrating the design of ball gowns and evening wear. The exhibition presents 120 dresses of different styles made by 50 Israeli designers. Entitled "The Ball," it is held at the Holon Museum of Design.

“The fashion linked to evening gowns, balls and ball gowns can serve as an escape during challenging times and allow us to wish for a brighter future, or free us completely from time and allow us to celebrate the moment.” With these words the fashion historian Ya’ara Keydar tells about the exhibition “The Ball” of which she is curator. Scheduled to run until December 11th at the prestigious Holon Museum of Design in Holon, part of the Tel Aviv discrict, -a building designed by Ron Arad at 8 Pinhas Eilon St- the exhibition occupies the entire space of the museum and showcases 120 ball gowns, in traditional and contemporary styles, created by 50 Israeli fashion designers.  A journey into the world of style that through accurate historical reconstructions allows us to witness the dramatic changes in the design of ball gowns and evening wear – as they evolved from the 18th century up to the 1980s.

“The Israeli style -continues the curator- is identified with simple and comfortable dresses, however the local fashion industry has chosen ball gowns as one of its main products. In Israel there is indeed a deep need for celebrations and parties. I wanted ‘The Ball’ to be an accessible platform to showcase local talent by engaging visitors as much as possible and energizing them.” An interaction that the exhibition fosters through the use of sounds, music, sets, lights, movement and scents.” “‘The Ball’ -in fact, Ya’ara Keydar explains- is conceived as a multisensory theatrical experience that aims to transport the viewer to another world. It is an immersive and multisensory exhibition that wants to entertain and involve by creating a creative dialogue. It is a reaction to the difficult period of lockdown and the social distancing it has imposed!” Among the dresses on display are those made by Alon Livne, which have been worn by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and also two projects by Orwa Shareef: The first is “Cinderella’s Story Veil” , a very long veil with embroidery related to the fairy tale, while the second is a dress made for a wedding ball. Idit Barak then used 10,000 meters of fiber optics to create thousands of lights that shine in the darkness and come together to form the silhouette of Cinderella’s ball gown. In addition to the dresses, also on display are about 50 accessories created specifically for the exhibition including a pair of 3D printed Cinderella glass slippers, and a collection of hat-sculptures inspired by sweets including wedding cakes and macaroons. “Fashion -concludes the curator- has the ability to transport us into a world of fantasy, imagination and magic. “The Ball allows visitors to experience this interaction between escapism and fashion.

Above: The Ball, Photo: Omri-Rosengart