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Balenciaga, fashion at the service of eco-design


The artist and designer Harry Nuriev in partnership Balenciaga emphasizes the importance of circular economy creating a couch made of cast-off clothes from the well-known fashion brand.

An artwork that enshrines two important aspects of the contemporary age, featuring a contamination between creative languages and, probably even more important, it focuses on the environmental emergency. The project is a couch designed by Russian artist Harry Nuriev in partnership with Balenciaga. Its peculiarity is to be made up of just a transparent vinyl lining (recovered from waste of Nuriev’s previous works’ residual materials) and exclusively padded with Balenciaga cast-off clothes, factory and warehouse waste with labels, zippers, buttons and well-preserved patterns.

A couch totally free of polyurethane and precious fabrics and not at risk of getting damaged by liquids or other organic compounds. “This piece – as Balenciaga’s team explains – reflects our brand’s acknowledgement of the responsibility of designers to counterbalance their environmental impact and the will to implement waste recycling plans contributing to circular economy”. Almost an homage to the famous “Rag Chair” made of fabric scraps strapped in 1991 by Droog design, team of Dutch designers that has always been focusing on environmental issues, the Balenciaga Couch was recently successfully presented at Miami Art Basel, well-known event dedicated to art taking place in Miami Beach.