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Ayla Golf club: between the dunes of the desert


With a 44 sqm surface area, the Ayla Golf club in Aqaba (Jordan) was born from the desire to interact with a charming and wild natural landscape.

When architecture invades unspotted natural landscapes, very often it risks hurting the environment and creating anaesthetic breaks on the territory. So in a time like ours, dominated by the narcissism of celebrity architects it is quite common to find ourselves noticing the surprising beauty of a building but at the same time having to acknowledge that it does not harmonise with the context in which it was built. This risk was brilliantly avoided in the building of the Ayla Golfclub in Aqaba, Jordan in a landscape marked by a sandy red desert surrounded by a range of high Rocky Mountains. The Clubhouse designed by American studio Oppenheim Architecture rises as a real oasis surrounded by the 18-hole golf course designed by Greg Norman; the project includes residential buildings, hotels and shopping centres and obviously the Clubhouse and the Golf Academy, equipped with restaurants, stores, lounge bars and wellness centres. The rooftop of the Clubhouse, homage to the Bedouin tradition, is made like a continuous wave that seems to come out directly from the soil and dive back into it imitating the naturally wavy motion of sand dunes.

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Above: Jordan Ayla Golfclub