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Tamar Thomann

Pete McBride: Enjoy the silence

Published on October, 14th 2021

The volume “Seeing Silence: The Beauty of the World’s Most Quiet Places” published by Rizzoli includes a collection of charming images, taken in the seven continents by Pete McBride and portraying the beauty of uncontaminated and lost places, shrouded in the magic of silence.
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Empathic: experimenting with glass

Published on September, 30th 2021

The many expressive possibilities of a fascinating and ancestral material like glass are explored in an exhibition curated by Luca Nichetto entitled "Empathic. Discovering a Glass Legacy" in Murano.
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A night at the Vicens’ house

Published on August, 31st 2021

The first house designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, Casa Vicens has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. Restored and opened to the public years ago, now starting from next autumn, thanks to an AirBnb initiative, it will also be possible to stay in this precious home.
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Women and design: a winning combination

Published on July, 29th 2021

The great contribution of women to the world of design over the past 120 years is at the center of an exhibition organized at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein.
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Hotel Castello di Reschio: royal comfort

Published on July, 19th 2021

Situated in the green hills of Val di Pierle in Umbria, on the Tuscan border, an old castle dating back to 1050 was transformed into an exclusive and charming Hotel.
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Orient Express: glamour with slowness

Published on July, 5th 2021

The International hotel and travel group Belmond organises a series of trips, one of which on board the legendary Venice Simplon Orient Express. A way to experience again the elegance and splendour of the past while discovering enchanting landscapes throughout Europe.
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Hotel Paradiso: cinema in a room

Published on June, 15th 2021

Hotel Paradiso, the world’s first cinema-hotel with an immense collection of films from all over the world to watch in absolute comfort from your room, just opened in Paris.
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Wild Animals: let’s save them with a perfume

Published on May, 18th 2021

“Save Me” is the name of the perfume created by Xerjoff in collaboration with Save Me Trust, foundation established to support wildlife wellness and dignity and headed by Brian May and Anne Brummer.
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The Brando: Green paradise

Published on April, 23rd 2021

Beloved by Marlon Brando who discovered it in 1962 while shooting “Mutiny on the Bounty”, Tetiaroa is one of the islands of the atoll located in French Polynesia, about 30 miles from Tahiti. Here lies The brando, a beautiful resort that combines luxury with the care for environmental sustainability.
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Rock: Every Cover Tells a Story

Published on March, 11th 2021

On it’s 40th anniversary Taschen reissued the history of rock through record covers, from the most famous to the ultra rare ones.
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The great beauty, a view from the top

Published on February, 15th 2021

“Italy from above” is an evocative photographic volume proposing an aerial journey over the Belpaese, revealing the great artistic and architectural heritage characterising its territory.
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“It bags”, coveted objects of desire

Published on January, 28th 2021

“Bags: inside out” is the title of an exhibition held at Victoria and Albert Museum in London celebrating the world of “It bags” over a period of 500 years.
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Woodnest, green paradise

Published on December, 29th 2020

The Helen & Hard architecture firm has designed Woodnest a series of small tree houses that offer breath-taking views of the nature surrounding Odda, Norway.
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De Rosso, the playful side of design

Published on December, 14th 2020

De Rosso presents a Limited Edition signed by 5 creative talents who through pop quotes and references to the design style of Alchimia and Memphis retrace the history of this company, leader of laminate furnishings for over 30 years.
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David Adjaye and Aston Martin, an exciting synergy

Published on November, 23rd 2020

An unprecedented collaboration that led to the creation of 5 luxury apartments in the elegant skyscraper 130 William in New York involved the famous car company Aston Martin and the visionary architect Sir David Adjaye.
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Women in fashion according to Norman Parkinson

Published on November, 9th 2020

Photographers Norman Parkinson, Milton Greene, Terence Donovan, Terry O'Neill and Jerry Schatzberg changed the way of portraying women in fashion in the years between 1948 and 1968. An exhibition tells us about it.
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Luxury over time

Published on October, 26th 2020

How has the concept of luxury changed during the various eras? The exhibition “Luxes”, in progress at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, tells us about it.
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Sacco, the informal lounge chair

Published on September, 21st 2020

Icon of Italian design, a symbol of freedom, imagination and a must-have for over 50 years, the “Sacco” lounge chair was recently awarded the ADI Compasso d'Oro award for product career.
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A Stopover at the lighthouse

Published on September, 1st 2020

Located in a small fishing village in the province of Syracuse, the gateway to the Noto Valley, the Faro di Brucoli (Sicilian Luxury Lighthouse) was recently renovated and transformed into an elegant resort.
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Digital architectural utopia

Published on August, 10th 2020

A volume titled “Dreamscapes & Artificial Architecture” collects the works of 40 digital designers and 3D artists that have realized utopian architectural structures and interiors, remembering us how designers never have to stop experiencing.
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Mario Testino celebrates the irresistible Italian appeal

Published on July, 24th 2020

A thick photography volume titled “Ciao. Omaggio all’Italia” celebrates Italian style and creativity. Its author is Peruvian photographer Mario Testino, who states that his passion for fashion derives right from the Belpaese.
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iSphere, like in a science-fiction film

Published on July, 3rd 2020

Characterized by an aesthetics that looks back at the comics of the 50’ and the sci-fi cinema, iSphere is a transparent, spherical face shield created by art collective Plastique Fantastique.
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Christo’s last intuition

Published on June, 24th 2020

Deceased last May, Christo, the master of Land Art, had been working for years to the wrapping of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Due to the pandemic, the work of art has been postponed until September 2021.
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In Milan Fuorisalone becomes digital

Published on May, 27th 2020

Talks, interviews, product presentations, concerts, meetings with designers and manufacturers. Fuorisalone digital scheduled for mid June promises all this and much more.
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Italy in Steve McCurry’s heart

Published on May, 4th 2020

American photographer Steve McCurry has created a video titled “Tribute to Italy” to express his true love to this beautiful country.
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Electronic music between design, art and fashion

Published on March, 6th 2020

The London Design Museum dedicates an exhibition to electronic music exploring the links that this genre has had with art, design and fashion.
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Architecture is female!

Published on March, 4th 2020

The women’s contribution to architecture is relevant as underlined in an interesting book edited by Jane Hall for Phaidon entitled "Breaking Ground - Architecture by women".
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Arbre Blanc: a 17-story tree

Published on January, 7th 2020

Arbre Blanc -an original building whose shape is inspired by that of a tree- was recently inaugurated in Montpellier, the greenest city in France.
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Ornament is not a crime

Published on January, 2nd 2020

The exhibition "What A Wonderful World" proposes an exciting and original journey through the centuries, to understand how much decorations and the ornaments tell about us and the world around us.
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Milan in the legendary ‘60s

Published on December, 2nd 2019

An exhibition now open at Palazzo Morando in Milan celebrates the cultural and artistic effervescence of Lombardy’s main city during 1960s.
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YSL: iconic Yves

Published on October, 14th 2019

The Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris in its new layout underlines the close bond that the great French couturier had with the art world.
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Balenciaga, between art and fashion

Published on August, 26th 2019

The Spanish art and culture have always been an important reference for designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. Proof of that is the exhibition “Balenciaga and Spanish painting” now being held at National Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid.
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Mary Quant: the Swinging London Queen

Published on April, 29th 2019

The V&A in London dedicates a major exhibition to Mary Quant’s work. She was the inventor of the miniskirt, and significantly contributed, with her colourful and original clothes, to fashion innovation while favouring women's liberation
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Kenneth Cobonpue: the forms of nature

Published on March, 29th 2019

It is the fascinating and flourishing nature that influences the works of Kenneth Cobonpue, a Filipino designer who creates handcrafted collections with natural fibres and materials
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Architecture Flourishes in the Desert

Published on March, 25th 2019

A photographic book published by Phaidon entitled “Living in the desert” presents a selection of 50 homes designed in deserts around the world by architects, but also by artists
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Christian Dior: Dreams to wear

Published on February, 25th 2019

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is dedicating a major retrospective exhibition to Christian Dior. Presenting a collection of 200 original clothes, accessories, photographs, magazines and illustrations. The link between the great French couturier and Great Britain is also at the centre of attention
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Banksy: Street Writing

Published on December, 3rd 2018

Provocative, irreverent, sarcastic and political, Banksy's works are exhibited at the Mudec in Milan in an exhibition (which the artist has not authorized) entitled “The Art of Banksy. A Visual Protest”
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Artistic Hospitality

Published on November, 26th 2018

Located in the Akihabara district, one of Tokyo's most hi-tech and trendy neighbourhoods, BnA Hotel offers five spacious rooms created by several artistic collectives.
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Photography is Pop

Published on October, 15th 2018

Camera – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia of Turin dedicates an exhibition to the influence that photography had on Pop Art. About 150 works exhibited, made by the most important representatives of the well-known movement
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Fulvio Roiter, the Infinite Beauty

Published on July, 17th 2018

To Fulvio Roiter, great Italian photographer, La Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice is dedicating an interesting retrospective featuring over 200 iconic images spanning his entire career.
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Les Machines de l’île, where Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci meet

Published on June, 25th 2018

Les Machines de l'île is an amusement park in Nantes that combines Jules Verne’s literary creativity with Leonardo da Vinci’s scientific genius.
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