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Rosy Ursillo

Scented reopening in Venice

Published on June, 8th 2020

Mocenigo Palace houses the Perfume Museum in Venice, which is opening again after lockdown. Guided tours for a time-travel to discover the wonderful history of perfume.
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Ayla Golf club: between the dunes of the desert

Published on November, 14th 2019

With a 44 sqm surface area, the Ayla Golf club in Aqaba (Jordan) was born from the desire to interact with a charming and wild natural landscape.
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Capri, the home of the “Dolce Vita”

Published on June, 7th 2019

To celebrate the beauty and glamour that over the years has fascinated the jet set as well as numerous artists and writers Assouline dedicates a book to Capri.
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Beefbar: takes you back in time to the Paris of Art Nouveau

Published on March, 7th 2019

Located in downtown Paris, the Beefbar allows its guests to relive the bubbling and energetic Art Noveau mood, enjoying delicious meat-based dishes
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The Perfume of Art Permeates the Xerjoff Gallery

Published on December, 12th 2018

The Xerjoff gallery opens in Turin, dedicated to art and cultural events. The opening is entrusted to the visual artist Lia Pascaniuc who presents the exhibition “Liquid Life”
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Elliott Erwitt’s icons

Published on October, 4th 2018

On show in Pavia, a glimpse of 1900’s history of costume through the shots of Eliott Erwitt, great master of photography
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Easy Rider: the Art of Speed

Published on August, 24th 2018

Motorcycles make us dream, they represent freedom, and they are a call for travelling and adventure. To this world, which in 150 years has proposed models of such beauty to become part of the collective imagination, Venaria Reale in Turin dedicates an exhibition entitled “Easy Rider. The myth of motorcycles as art”

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The emancipation also happens through a hat

Published on August, 6th 2018

The feminine emancipation seen through the hats worn by women over the years. This is the theme of an ongoing photo exhibition at Showroom Alidem in Milan
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Frida Kahlo Style Icon

Published on July, 12th 2018

The writer Carlos Fuentes called Frida Kahlo, an “Aztec Goddess” due to her outfits and her way of accessorizing them. To her the V & A museum in London dedicates an exhibition featuring 200 objects, including clothes, jewellery and cosmetics.
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Madame d’Ora, First Woman Photographer of the Twentieth Century

Published on May, 14th 2018

Currently an exhibition celebrates the talents of the anti-conformist, liberal and innovative Madame d'Ora, first woman photographer of the twentieth century. She portrayed artists, writers and the glamour of the fashion world.

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Que Viva Frida!

Published on February, 26th 2018

Above : “Naturaleza muerta (Soy de Samuel Fastlicht)”, Frida Kahlo.

The Museum of Cultures (MUDEC) of Milan pays tribute to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo putting on show her complex creative universe. The exhibition will include paintings (two of which have never been displayed before), drawings, and photographs.
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Per Fumum: the millennial charm of perfume

Published on February, 16th 2018

“Per Fumum – I profumi della storia” an exhibition not to be missed dedicated
to all perfume lovers (and not only) taking place at Palazzo Madama in Turin until May 21st
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Pikovaya Dama, the scent of great literature

Published on February, 12th 2018

Xerjoff celebrates the Great Russian literature with a fragrance that takes its name from a story by the great poet and novelist Aleksandr Pushkin
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Ignacio De Petra, dreamlike suggestions

Published on February, 7th 2018

Ignacio De Petra, experimenter of different photographic languages, is the protagonist of an exhibition entitled “Reconfiguration” on show at the L'inde Le Palais in Bologna

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Alphonse Mucha, Art Nouveau genius

Published on January, 5th 2018

An exhibition in Madrid retraces the life and work of Alphonse Mucha, Czech painter, decorative artist, and leading exponent of the Art Noveau style
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Björk’s sense of design

Published on December, 13th 2017

Singer, musician, director, music producer, Björk has thus extended her versatile creativity to design.

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Peter Lindbergh: Fashion Humanism

Published on December, 4th 2017

The pureness of his black and white pictures has decisively influenced the course of fashion photography since the early 1980’s. We are speaking of Peter Lindbergh to whom the Reggia di Venaria Reale in Turin (Piazza della Repubblica 4) dedicates, until February 4th, an exhibition entitled: “Peter Lindbergh".
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A Taste of Italy in Hong Kong

Published on November, 22nd 2017

With the opening of Spiga the great Italian culinary tradition is at home in Hong Kong.
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