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Irving Penn: not only fashion

Published on October, 7th 2021

Galleria Cardi in Milan dedicates an exhibition to Irving Penn, one of the greatest photographers of 1900s. Author of over 150 covers of the magazine Vogue, Penn, during his long career, has captured different worlds. For example Italy, a country he visited on several occasions and often portrayed in iconic shots, included in the Milan exhibition.
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The Ball: Fashion Escape

Published on September, 20th 2021

An interactive and multisensory experience that combines sound, set design, lights and scents celebrating the design of ball gowns and evening wear. The exhibition presents 120 dresses of different styles made by 50 Israeli designers. Entitled "The Ball," it is held at the Holon Museum of Design.
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“Automania”: car passion!

Published on August, 23rd 2021

The Museum of Modern Art in New York hosts 'Automania', an exhibition that offers an interesting reflection on how the emergence of motor vehicles influenced lifestyles and the urban environment in the 20th century.
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Dominique Roches: perfumes lead to the discovery of new worlds

Published on July, 26th 2021

Dominique Roches in the book "Cueilleur d'essences - Aux sources des parfums du monde" tells about his fascinating journeys in search of those precious natural elements at the base of the creation of perfumes.
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America in Florence

Published on July, 14th 2021

Through 80 works by 53 artists, the exhibition “American Art 1961-2001” in progress at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence offers a charming picture of the rich and varied US artistic production that includes Pop Art, Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Pictures Generation.
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Vico Magistretti: from Milan to the world

Published on June, 21st 2021

Milan Triennale dedicates a retrospective exhibition to Vico Magistretti, great architect-designer who from Milan took the essentiality and beauty of the Italian style around the world.
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Decas: a scented hymn to Italy

Published on May, 28th 2021

Created to celebrate the year of unification of Italy, 1861 XJ Collection is enriched with a new charming essence, “Decas”, a fragrant hymn to the luxuriant nature of Belpaese.
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The Hortensia Armchair has bloomed!

Published on May, 7th 2021

Created on Instagram as "the chair that could not be made", the Hortensia Armchair, designed by Andrés Reisinger and Julia Esqué, today is produced by Moooi in limited edition.
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The aquatic world of Maria Svarbova

Published on April, 20th 2021

Old swimming pools enlivened by models performing gymnastic and aquatic exercises. It is the magical and surreal world of Slovakian photographer Maria Svarbova, attracted by the rigorous architectures of the communist era.
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Black and white emotions

Published on March, 4th 2021

An exhibition entitled “Noir et blanc, une esthétique de la photographie” that can be visited on the website of Grand Palais in Paris highlights the great expressive qualities of black and white photography.
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“Teeter-Totter Wall”, swings in the name of brotherhood

Published on February, 12th 2021

"Teeter-Totter Wall", project based on the inclusion of three tilting swings along the wall dividing USA and Mexico, won the prestigious Beazley Design of the Year 2020 award.
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“Wanderlust Europe”: European Wild Trails

Published on January, 21st 2021

While the pandemic limits our travels and movements, a book entitled "Wanderlust Europe" will take you on some of the most enchanting trails to explore the most evocative places of the Old Continent.
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Edward Hopper, the modernity of a great master

Published on December, 21st 2020

In the online exhibition “Hopperiana. Social distancing before Covid-19” four photographers interpret Edward Hopper’s aesthetics revealing its modernity.
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Sky Pool, floating in the air in London

Published on December, 11th 2020

A 35m-high suspended pool offering an amazing view on the city will be inaugurated next spring in London.
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Chelsea Hotel, the legend goes on

Published on November, 19th 2020

The book “Hotel Chelsea: Living in the Last Bohemian Haven” guides us into the apartments of the current residents of the legendary Chelsea Hotel in New York, showing us that creativity still lives here.
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Enzo Mari, designing for the world

Published on November, 5th 2020

A great designer, artist and smart theorist, Enzo Mari passes away just when Milan Triennale celebrates him with a great exhibition.
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1900 seen by Margaret Bourke-White

Published on October, 15th 2020

“Prima, donna. Margaret Bourke-White” is the title of a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the great American photographer, in progress at Palazzo Reale in Milan.
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Copenhagen: getting a breathe of new life in the City Park

Published on September, 11th 2020

City park is an ambitious project carried out by Olafur Eliasson which involves the construction of a large area of woodland in the center of Copenhagen. An important urban artery will leave room for tree-lined pedestrian walkways, ponds, cycle paths and flowers of all kinds.
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Cecil Beaton’s Golden Youth

Published on August, 25th 2020

The exhibition “Bright Young Things” focuses on Cecil Beaton’s early days, high society and avant-garde, artists and writers, socialites and revelers are the milieu that he has portrayed.
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The Stone Cathedrals by Olivo Barbieri

Published on August, 6th 2020

The ancestral charm of the Dolomites, mountains whose history began two hundred and fifty million years ago, is at the center of a photographic project by Olivo Barbieri, which can be visited in Lagazuoi at an altitude of almost 3000 meters high.
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A fairy-tale museum for Hans Christian Andersen

Published on July, 15th 2020

In Odense, a new museum designed by Kengo Kuma studio will celebrate the work of Hans Christian Andersen, whose fairy tales have fascinated generations of children.
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Post-Pandemic: towards Self Sufficient cities

Published on July, 1st 2020

How will cities be after this global health crisis? More sustainable, for sure. This is the belief of Woha studio team, that has designed the “Self Sufficient city” in the north of Jakarta.
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Sabine Pigalle and the revised classics

Published on June, 15th 2020

In a series titled “My Corona Days”, French artist Sabine Pigalle has revisited the masterpieces of painting realized by great masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli and Jan Vermeer.
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Banksy’s new superheroine

Published on May, 25th 2020

With “Game Changer” Banksy pays tribute to the nurse staff and NHS that are engaged to struggle the virus and to ensure our health.
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The Great Empty: the new face of places

Published on April, 2nd 2020

The New York Times has launched “The Great Empty” project asking various photographers to document the new face of places in this period of social distancing.
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Faena Hotel: cinematic glamour

Published on February, 13th 2020

A few metres from the ocean, Faena Hotel in Miami Beach is characterised by fascinating Deco vibes evoking the ‘30s and 40s glamour. The rooms and suites designed by director Baz Luhrmann make the place even more charming.
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Unforgettable Audrey

Published on February, 10th 2020

The private and intimate side of Audrey Hepburn, unforgettable protagonist of movies like “Roman holiday” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, is at the heart of an exhibition now in progress at Fondazione Carispezia.
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Time, nature and love according to Van Cleef & Arpels

Published on February, 3rd 2020

An exhibition now running at Palazzo Reale in Milan celebrates the history of Van Cleef & Arpels, renowned brand of fine jewellery. Over 400 pieces exhibited including jewellery, watches and precious objects.
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The Tide, an elevated park in London

Published on January, 20th 2020

Located in the heart of the Greenwich Peninsula, The Tide is London's first elevated walkway. Designed by the architectural studio Diller Scofidio + Renfro, The Tide allows to walk nine meters above the ground, suspended between nature and art.
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Balenciaga, fashion at the service of eco-design

Published on January, 16th 2020

The artist and designer Harry Nuriev in partnership Balenciaga emphasizes the importance of circular economy creating a couch made of cast-off clothes from the well-known fashion brand.
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The Twist, a museum on the bridge

Published on December, 9th 2019

Located inside a nature park in Norway, The Twist, designed by studio BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, is a spectacular sculpture-bridge that hosts a museum.
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Welcome Back to the Legendary Raffles

Published on November, 21st 2019

After a long restoration, Raffles Hotel reopened in Singapore. Since 1884, the year of its inauguration, it hosted great actors, writers and directors.
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Rome seen by Gianni Berengo Gardin

Published on November, 18th 2019

A solo exhibition on the Capital, captured by the lens of Gianni Berengo Gardin, is now being held at Casale di Santa Maria Nova in Rome. Seventy-five pictures showing the evolution and contradictions of the timeless City from the second post-war period to the present day.
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Otherworld: Conviviality 2.0

Published on November, 4th 2019

A futuristic atmosphere characterizes the Otherworld in London, a room designed by the Red Deer architectural studio where between a virtual trip and another it is possible to savour California sensory poke or Mochi ice cream.
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Alex Prager’s Film Imagery

Published on October, 22nd 2019

Images that recall film noir, thrillers, dramas and detective films: these are the ones made by Alex Prager, to whom Fondazione Sozzani in Milan dedicates an exhibition entitled “Silver Lake Drive”
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Yiwu Grand Theatre: sailing architecture

Published on October, 17th 2019

The MAD Architects studio has designed a futuristic theatre in the Chinese province of Yiwu covered with layers of glass that look like sails.
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Ricardo Bofill: postmodern visionary

Published on September, 30th 2019

More outsider than archistar, the Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill placed evolution and change at the centre of his activity. A rich monograph published by Gestalten presents his visionary projects.
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The Public: New York’s Bowery changes face

Published on September, 12th 2019

In the Bowery, once one of the least safe and most crumbling streets of the Lower East side of New York opened the Public, a refined Hotel with restaurants, cafés, clubs and a beautiful roof terrace.
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Modou: Africa according to Ron Arad

Published on September, 2nd 2019

The designer artist Ron Arad has created Modou, a collection of outdoor seatings for Moroso that pay tribute to ancient Senegalese craftsmanship.
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Architectural wave

Published on August, 29th 2019

With “Onda” (“Wave”), a futuristic building under construction in the city of Sanya, located on the tropical island of Hainan in China, the Italian architect Giacomo Fava won the prestigious Asia Design Prize.
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Alila Villas Uluwatu: sustainable beauty

Published on July, 22nd 2019

Care for ecological sustainability and enhancement of the rich cultural heritage of Bali: on these principles the well-known architecture studio WOHA designed Alila Villas Uluwatu, a beautiful resort located on the Southern coast of Bali, Indonesia.
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Addison Mizner, the architect who loved Venice, Spain and the Mediterranean

Published on July, 15th 2019

Addison Mizner is among the most fashionable American architects of the 1920’s his architectural works have been strongly influenced by the Mediterranean, Venetian and Moorish styles.
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Diving with style

Published on June, 14th 2019

Rizzoli published “Splash: The Art of the Swimming Pool” a volume including over 200 images of swimming pools featuring the most varied and original architectural styles.
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Cars, a symbol of the modern world

Published on May, 16th 2019

In 130 years of history the car industry has undergone profound changes becoming a symbol of technological progress which finds its greatest expression in the idea of speed on show at the V&A Museum in London with the exhibition “Cars: Accelerating the Modern World”
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Celebrity Edge: Cruising with design

Published on May, 13th 2019

Celebrity Edge, the new flagship of the Celebrity Cruises fleet, was created by a team of famous architects and designers for tastefully decorated and comfortable travels
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Thirteen Galloping Horses for Milan

Published on May, 2nd 2019

A group of famous international designers interpreted Leonardo da Vinci’s famous horse. Thirteen interesting projects that are now located in different areas of Milan
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Martin Parr: Human nature

Published on April, 8th 2019

Great Britain at the time of Brexit alongside with numerous portraits of ordinary people portrayed in their everyday life: this is the focus of the work of Martin Parr - British photographer - to whom the National Portrait Gallery in London dedicates a large retrospective
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Alessandro Paglia, Magical Hyperrealism

Published on March, 4th 2019

Alessandro Paglia’s works are characterized by a hyper-realistic style. The Milanese artist depicts in his paintings iconic and pop design objects, but also famous motorcycles and prestigious vintage cars
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All the Colors of the Night

Published on December, 17th 2018

The night is a theme that has represented an important and constant source of inspiration for art as displayed in the exhibition entitled “Peindre la nuit” on show at the Center Pompidou in Metz
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The evolution of Automotive between graphics and design

Published on November, 15th 2018

The m.a.x. museum in Chiasso traces the history of the automobile and the evolution of its style through the close relationship that the automotive industry has maintained with the graphics and design industry
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Rolls Royce, the Luxury of Privacy

Published on October, 29th 2018

The Rolls Royce Phantom with the Privacy Suite option is a “mini-suite” that allows you to travel completely isolated from the outside, in absolute privacy
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Aston Martin, a flying myth

Published on September, 27th 2018

Aston Martin is developing an innovative machine with vertical take-off for three people that will revolutionize the big cities mobility in the future
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Hotel Café Royal: a home for creativity

Published on September, 17th 2018

In over 150 years of history, Hotel Café Royal in London has been frequented by the highest aristocracy and by famous people such as Virginia Woolf, Winston Churchill, Muhammad Ali, Brigitte Bardot and Oscar Wilde. Now the Ziggy’s, a cocktail bar dedicated to the well-known character created by David Bowie, will open inside the Hotel
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TeamLab: The Future of Art is Digital

Published on September, 10th 2018

In Tokyo the first Museum fully dedicated to digital art by teamLab showing virtual works with a strong spectacular impact
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The Motorcycle, a Symbol of Beauty and Innovation

Published on July, 2nd 2018

“Motocicletta - L’architettura della velocità” is an exhibition taking place at Forte Marghera (Mestre, Venice) that pays tribute to the streamline design and innovative technology of motorcycles.
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Revolutionary Graphics of Former USSR

Published on June, 4th 2018

On display at the Wolfsonian in Miami Soviet propaganda posters with innovative graphics created over the years between the two world wars
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“Memphis-Plastic Field”: design and art during the Biennale Architettura in Venice

Published on May, 28th 2018

“Memphis-Plastic Field”: design and art during the Biennale Architettura in Venice
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The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures designed by Renzo Piano

Published on May, 7th 2018

Renzo Piano will design for LA the first Academy Museum of Motion, a futuristic project that features the construction of a glass sphere and the renovation of an old 1939 building
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Magic and multifaceted Fornasetti – Exhibition in Rome

Published on March, 9th 2018

The works of Piero Fornasetti, famous for his multifaceted talent (he was an accomplished painter, sculptor, interior decorator, and printer of art books), dialogue with the ancient sculptures collection of the Museum at Palazzo Altemps in Rome
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Louvre Abu Dhabi, the place where cultures meet

Published on December, 15th 2017

After ten years of construction, the Louvre Abu Dhabi was recently inaugurated in the capital of the Emirates. Designed by Jean Nouvel, the museum is 97,000 sq meters in size, 6,400 of which are reserved to exhibitions.
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Xerjoff’s scent in Turin

Published on November, 24th 2017

Xerjoff returns home. After opening various stores around the world (2 monobrand stores in London at Harrods one in 2014 and a second one last July, and in Dubai in 2010) it recently inaugurated a new flagship store in Turin, the city where everything started ten years ago
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Atlas Bar: Decò spirits

Published on October, 23rd 2017

If you like to sip a good cocktail in an elegant, refined place, characterized by an Art Deco architecture, the Atlas Bar is the place you belong in.
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Happy Birthday Dior!

Published on October, 23rd 2017

This year, the Maison Dior has celebrated its 70th anniversary and for the occasion, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris dedicates to the couturier a great retrospective entitled “Christian Dior, couturier du rêve”.
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