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Atlas Bar: Decò spirits


If you like to sip a good cocktail in an elegant, refined place, characterized by an Art Deco architecture, the Atlas Bar is the place you belong in.

It is located in Downtown Singapore at the ground floor of Parkview Square, in one of the most iconic buildings of the city, whose style recalls that of famous American and European deco’ skyscrapers of the 1920’s.
As soon as you have crossed the entrance, you will inevitably feel immersed in an atmosphere of the bygone era, like the one of the Great Gatsby so to speak. Once you are seated on the comfortable armchairs the Head Bartender Roman Foltán, whose name is already well known to the connoisseurs for the great work he has carried out at the Artesian Bar located in the Langham Hotel in London, will satisfy every request you may have in terms of beverages. The choice at your disposal is very broad from the finest European cocktails to the most exclusive Asian collection of gins and liquors, up to a selection of the most excellent champagne produced in the world. At the Atlas bar, in case you are hungry, you can also enjoy excellent dishes prepared under the careful direction of the great Italian chef Daniele Sperindio, who will prepare for you a selection of the best European foods.

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