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Aston Martin, a flying myth


Aston Martin is developing an innovative machine with vertical take-off for three people that will revolutionize the big cities mobility in the future

It is called “Volante Vision Concept” and it is a project promoted by Aston Martin that James Bond – the most famous secret agent in the world – would really appreciate. And for what reason, you are probably asking yourselves? It is simple: because with Volante Vision Concept”, Gaydon’s legendary car company is developing the prototype of a car that is able to fly.

The project considers onboard room for three adults, a hybrid propulsion and an autonomous driving system, providing a fast way to travel in the city transfers. Even if at the moment the precise technical data haven’t been released and therefore the specific functionality of this new technology is still not known, from the diffused sketches that are in circulation it is possible to notice a clear reference to the tradition and the Aston Martin style, for instance in the super high quality finishing with leather and carbon in the cockpit or the external characteristic shape and color following the most ambitious project from the car company.

Defined by Andy Palmer, the brand’s CEO, as the “most effective luxurious mobility solution for the big cities in the future”, Volante Vision Concept” has been carried out with Cranfield University, Cranfield Aerospace Solution and the aeronautical engine company Rolls-Royce as partners.