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Artistic Hospitality


Located in the Akihabara district, one of Tokyo's most hi-tech and trendy neighbourhoods, BnA Hotel offers five spacious rooms created by several artistic collectives.

Art, as we have learnt from public art and street art, is not only found in museums, but it can also interact with our everyday life. This is probably the thought that went through the minds of the designers of the BnA Hotel located in Akihabara district -one of the most hi-tech neighbourhoods of Tokyo. A hotel, in which several creative collectives design the spaces. Five rooms, with different styles and atmospheres, are available. In the rooms  “Athletic park” and “Wonder Park” curated by Studio Bowl, elements of industrial design are cleverly mixed with pop styles, on the other hand the “Responder” and “Hailer” rooms designed by the collective 81 Bastards offer a contamination between traditional and modern art.

Finally, with the “Zen garden” room, the 51.3 G-Wave group questions the meaning of Zen philosophy in contact with the energetic chaos of a modern metropolis like Tokyo. In addition to enjoying the presence of works of art, staying at this Art hotel contributes to the Bed and Art Project, aimed at supporting the artists.

Above: One of the BnA Hotel’s room