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Architectural wave


With “Onda” (“Wave”), a futuristic building under construction in the city of Sanya, located on the tropical island of Hainan in China, the Italian architect Giacomo Fava won the prestigious Asia Design Prize.

“Onda’s light and floating architectural structure is inspired by the water currents, typical of the ocean and is perfectly integrated into the context in which it is located.”

This is how Giacomo Fava explains the formal meaning of Onda, a building he designed and with which he recently won the prestigious Asia Design Prize awarded by a jury, chaired by Karim Rashid and composed of professors, professionals and directors of internationally renowned magazines; they chose his project out of 1,399 projects coming from 33 different countries. The Asia Design Prize is one of the most important design and architecture awards in the world, its mission is to explore new concepts and ideas that will guide the future, solutions that can solve some social problems in Asia, it aims at recognizing projects with a high social and economic impact, designed with the ambition to make the world a better place.

“Onda” continues to explain Fava  “is a 14-storey condominium with 18 residential apartments with related facilities located in the city of Sanya on the tropical island of Hainan in China. The tower is generated by the superposition of simple and efficient extruded elliptical plates that rotate around their own axis to allow maximum exploitation of natural light. The terraces, present in every single floor, create exceptional outdoor spaces with breath-taking views both facing the sea and facing the luxuriant internal subtropical vegetation.” The completion of Onda is scheduled for 2020.