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Anthenea: the luxury eco-suite that James Bond would love


Anthenea is a floating eco-luxury suite designed by the French naval architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle.

Besides other sectors also tourism is paying careful attention to the new environmental challenges that our planet poses to us. Anthenea, reflecting this philosophy, is the world’s first floating luxury eco-hotel suite. The author of such an original project is Jean-Michel Ducancelle who was inspired by the James Bond’s floating pod in “The Spy Who Loved Me” (1977). For 25 years this French naval designer and architect has worked on the construction of a futuristic habitat that could allow its guests to experience marine and underwater environments. Floating, round in shape, mobile, unsinkable and self-sufficient from an energy point of view, Anthenea can adapt to any marine location.

The suite, which is 50 m2 and which extends to 150 m2 if you consider the solarium and the outdoor areas, is equipped with all the comforts and furnished with high-end design. It features a round king-size bed, bathtub with sea or fresh water, centralized home automation assistance, a solarium for 12 people, underwater access through the central well and submarine view. Designed to withstand all types of weather and sea conditions, the circular shape of Anthenea allows a 360° view of the surrounding landscape. The roof is made with solar panels and also in this case the circular shape performs a precise function, that of following the sun’s rays and producing more energy. In absolute respect for the environment and every ecosystem, Anthenea does not require underwater foundation that could damage the ecosystem and is equipped with the appropriate tools to treat waste on board.