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Amber Star for Capricorn


Amber Star, from the Shooting Star collection, is the perfect perfume for Capricorn sign

Capricorn is a sign characterized by ambition, perseverance and analytical skills, even if you will show some signs of fatigue and nervousness, mainly due to the difficulty in channelling all the internal energies accumulated throughout the previous months, you will kick off 2019 positively.

You’re a determined sign who thrives on setting goals and reaching them, this may give origin to some arguments and critiques in personal relations. To sort out everything and regain the right balance and set things back onthe right track it will be enough to use a few drops of Amber Star from the Shooting Star collection, by Xerjoff inspired by the in 1947 meteor shower that fell in Siberia, between the Sikhote – Alin mountains.

Among the ingredients of this refined essence is Ylang Ylang known to beĀ  effective in mitigating anxiety disorders, irritability and tension and to create harmony, in case of contrasts, anger and resentment.