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Amber & Rose for Scorpio


Xerjoff Horoscope 2019 - Amber & Rose for Scorpio (October 22nd and November 22nd)

Fascinating and mysterious, Scorpio is perhaps the most enigmatic sign of the ZodiacLike the other water signs people born in Scorpio are emotional even if they generally do not like to let their emotions show, therefore they most often keep them hidden. They are intuitive, sensitive, and determined. The biggest strength of any Scorpio is represented by the fact they are usually full of curiosity and they want to know what is going on everywhere.

Inconveniences, adversities and challenges, do not scare Scorpios, but rather they represent an opportunity to test their strong personality. Appreciated in the professional field for their precision and meticulousness, the Scorpios are however very competitive, a behavioural characteristic that can sometimes create bad moods and nervousness among his colleagues. Although at first glance they may appear cold and detached, in personal relationships the Scorpio is actually very passionate and sensual, but does not always seek emotional stability.

People born in Scorpio often prefer short and fleeting relationships in which they still put their whole self. Thanks to a favourable astrological situation, 2019 begins positively for Scorpios. This means that many of the problems that both have characterized the professional and personal fields at the end of 2018, are about to be solved thanks to the strength, energy and determination that Scorpios are benefiting during this period.

Amber & Rose are the two perfect essences to underline and enhance the state of grace that Scorpios are living. They belong respectively to the oriental floral group and to the unisex Floral Chypre group. These two bewitching fragrances from Xerjoff’s Shooting Stars Collection can be “worn” both separately as well as together, creating unusual olfactory mixes in perfect harmony with the different moods that accompany everyday life.