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Allende for Cancer


Xerjoff Horoscope 2019 - Allende for Cancer (June 22nd – July 22nd)

Cancer is a home-based sign; a sign of motherhood, they care deeply about family matters and their home. 

Very emotional, those born under this sign can be melancholic, touchy, moody, metereopathic and generally they have an excellent memory. Psychologically, cancer juggles between two worlds: the inner one, filled with memories, fantasies and emotions and the external one, often considered a source of danger and for this reason it must be constantly monitored. Known for its loving and peaceful character, the Cancer hides a rich and complex interiority in which often also houses a little, cleverly hidden, insecureness. Lover of travel (marine locations are among the sign’s favorite destinations) the Cancer is characterized by its sweetness, loyalty, culture and intuitive traits.

Allende, a scent of the floral-oriental group part of Xerjoff’s Shooting Stars “constellation”, is the perfume that best suits the Cancer for the beginning of 2019. The sweetness of the vanilla perfectly matches the sentimental and dreamy character of the sign, while the magnolia thanks to its neurostimulant properties will help the Cancer overcome this period of the year full of professional problems, granting the Cancer with the necessary concentration.