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Alessandro Paglia, Magical Hyperrealism


Alessandro Paglia’s works are characterized by a hyper-realistic style. The Milanese artist depicts in his paintings iconic and pop design objects, but also famous motorcycles and prestigious vintage cars

From design to art. The Milanese Alessandro Paglia, starting from his passion for design, has succeeded in transforming cult objects such as the Campari bottle, the Bao Bao bag by Issey Miyake, the Nearco lamp by Artemide, the Caboche chandelier by Foscarini, and the Splügen Bräu by Flos as well as many others into fascinating and hyper-realistic black and white portraits. Paglia, has left his job at a communication agency, to devote himself full-time to his painstaking art works, which all begin with a photographic session dedicated to the chosen object to portray. Once he has chosen the most suitable image to be reproduced, the right image in terms of depth, contrast of light and shadow, he begins the realization of the artwork using ink pens with 0.1 to 0.8 mm points.

The result is astonishing because his works, all of considerable dimensions, have the same sharpness and definition of a photograph. The way in which Paglia decided to advertise his work is also original: ignoring the classic channels of communication that involve contacting journalists and art galleries, Paglia published his works on Instagram and on his website. Success came immediately; today almost all his works have been sold. It is predictable that the same success will attract the new project that he is taking on: a collection of vintage cars all from prestigious brands from Porsche to Bugatti, and from Mercedes to Ferrari.

Above: Classic car by Alessandro Paglia