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Addison Mizner, the architect who loved Venice, Spain and the Mediterranean


Addison Mizner is among the most fashionable American architects of the 1920’s his architectural works have been strongly influenced by the Mediterranean, Venetian and Moorish styles.

Addison Mizner was an American architect, among the most famous in the 1920’s.

He specialized in designing resorts, hotels, villas and palaces. He has had a strong impact on Southern Florida, where he realized most of his projects. His original architectural style -a mix of fantasy and romance, inspired from the Moorish style from the Mediterranean and from Venice– is still nowadays able to influence architects, designers and builders. Mizner’s work is a dream realized: courtyards with fountains, trellises with climbing bougainvillea, arched windows, glazed tile floors, spiraling marble columns, expansive interiors with grand proportions. 

Rizzoli publishes an interesting volume on this well-known architect that allows the reader to discover Mizner’s design universe, made up of original villas and precious constructions, some of which inhabited by famous people such as La Guerida in Palm Beach, a Spanish revival mansion with eleven bedrooms built in 1922 and known as the “Winter White House“, where JFK wrote his inaugural address. Written by Beth Dunlop, the book, entitled “Addison Mizner: Architect of Fantasy and Romance” is expanded by Steven Brooke‘s photographs.