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A Tulip for London


The Foster + Partners studio designed The Tulip. London's new skyscraper, which should be inaugurated in 2025, with a design that aims to reflect the spirit of London as a progressive and forward-thinking city

A project, conceived for London by the famous British architecture firm Foster + Partners that will certainly become a great attraction. It is a 305-meter-tall skyscraper. Plans for The Tulip have been submitted to the City Corporation, and they are subject to the approval, if it is finally approved the construction should be completed by 2025 in the heart of the British capital.

Called “The Tulip” because its shape reminds the famous flower symbol of the Netherlands, the building would be the second highest in the capital behind “The Shard”, the 309 meters high building, designed by Renzo Piano. The skyscraper neighbouring 30 St Mary Axe, designed by the same design firm Foster + Partners, will not host offices and companies, but rather it will be a tourist and cultural attraction, with bars and restaurants, to respond to the request from local authorities to create a so-called «Culture Mile», a sort of cultural area aimed at attracting visitors to the city’s financial district. The project involves sky bridges, internal glass slides, and gondola pod rides on the building’s façade. Visitors will also be provided with interactive materials, to learn about the history of London, and specialized guides that will lead them through the panoramic gallery from which it will be possible to enjoy a 360 ° view of London. “The Tulip is in the spirit of London as a progressive, forward-thinking city,” said it’s creator Norman Foster.