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A Stopover at the lighthouse


Located in a small fishing village in the province of Syracuse, the gateway to the Noto Valley, the Faro di Brucoli (Sicilian Luxury Lighthouse) was recently renovated and transformed into an elegant resort.

Located in a small and ancient seaside village in the province of Syracuse, in an area rich in archaeological sites ranging from the Neolithic age to the Greco-Roman era, the Faro di Brucoli Luxury Lighthouse has recently been restored. The work, entrusted to the architect Giuseppe di Vita, transformed this charming complex, dating back to the early 1900s (1911 to be precise), into an elegant resort with comforts worthy of a 5-star hotel. The aim of the restoring project was to enhance the lighthouse, now in a state of neglect, maintaining the peculiarities of the position in which it is located and emphasizing the architectural features of the structure.

The recovery intervention, in addition to important structural improvements, was also studied with meticulous care with regards to interior design. Chosen for the interiors, a selection of some of the best-known master pieces of Italian design by Gio Ponti, Franco Albini and Marco Zanuso, with an eye also for contemporary design objects and accessories by Rodolfo Dordoni and Antonio Citterio. Antonio Lupi has been entrusted with all areas dedicated to wellness, while the areas dedicated to entertainment can boast a high-quality audio system by Bang & Olufsen. Finally, the lighting project was curated by Mario Nanni with Viabizzuno products. For the construction of the external paths, the stone ashlars found in the adjacent areas were reused, while for the interiors a Modica stone flooring was chosen. The view of Mount Etna from the terrace set up by Talenti located next to the lantern is of great charm. This breathtaking panorama was depicted by the well-known writer Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa in the story “The siren” with these words: “the sea is the color of peacocks; and right in front, beyond these changing waves, Mount Etna rises; nowhere else is it as beautiful as from there, calm, powerful, truly divine ”.