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6 feet covers: musicians at the right distance


Some of the most iconic rock-pop covers have been reviewed by two American artists, following the rules of social distancing.

It looks like this weird time we are living is stimulating creatives’ imagination a lot! L.A. artists Paco Conde and Roberto Fernandez have redesigned some of the most historic rock-pop covers taking into account social distancing we all have to respect nowadays. And the results are very interesting.

The project called “6 Feet covers” (6 feet is the recommended distance to keep from others) has also a social aim. It is in fact intended to support organisations like Feeding America, committed to assisting people struggling with the impact of Covid-19. The artists explained that the idea came when they noticed people in line at the supermarket who were not respecting the social distancing rule: “We thought it would be helpful to use pop artworks in order to make people understand the situation and respect the rules” Among the covers “revised and corrected”, “Abbey Road” by Beatles, “Queen II” by Queen, “The Joshua Tree” by U2, “Blondie” Blondie’s debut album.

Above: The cover of “Abbey Road” by Beatles revised and corrected