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Casa di Langa: eco luxury and fine cuisine

Published on December, 2nd 2021

Surrounded by 42 hectares of vineyards, hazelnut groves, gardens and vegetable gardens, the Casa di Langa Hotel in Cerretto Langhe, an eco-sustainable luxury resort that offers not only great comfort but also the opportunity to get to know the culture of the area in which it is located, has recently been opened.
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On the tracks of creativity

Published on November, 16th 2021

“Trains between Art, Graphics and Design” an exhibition now in progress at m.a.x. museum in Chiasso, investigates how trains have influenced art, graphics and design from the end of the 19th Century to the present day.
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The excellence of Fabergé between Saint Petersburg and London

Published on November, 3rd 2021

The V&A in London dedicates to Peter Carl Fabergé the exhibition “Fabergé in London; Romance to revolution”. A unique event as it brings together, for the first time since the Russian revolution, 200 pieces of the famous jeweller, some of which never exhibited before in the United Kingdom.
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Pete McBride: Enjoy the silence

Published on October, 14th 2021

The volume “Seeing Silence: The Beauty of the World’s Most Quiet Places” published by Rizzoli includes a collection of charming images, taken in the seven continents by Pete McBride and portraying the beauty of uncontaminated and lost places, shrouded in the magic of silence.
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Irving Penn: not only fashion

Published on October, 7th 2021

Galleria Cardi in Milan dedicates an exhibition to Irving Penn, one of the greatest photographers of 1900s. Author of over 150 covers of the magazine Vogue, Penn, during his long career, has captured different worlds. For example Italy, a country he visited on several occasions and often portrayed in iconic shots, included in the Milan exhibition.
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Expo Dubai 2020: the future is now

Published on October, 5th 2021

“Connecting Minds – Creating The Future” is the theme of Expo Dubai 2020 that will open its doors on 1st October and will be open until the end of March 2022. An Expo dedicated to the challenges of the future with a special focus on the environmental one.
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Empathic: experimenting with glass

Published on September, 30th 2021

The many expressive possibilities of a fascinating and ancestral material like glass are explored in an exhibition curated by Luca Nichetto entitled "Empathic. Discovering a Glass Legacy" in Murano.
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The Ball: Fashion Escape

Published on September, 20th 2021

An interactive and multisensory experience that combines sound, set design, lights and scents celebrating the design of ball gowns and evening wear. The exhibition presents 120 dresses of different styles made by 50 Israeli designers. Entitled "The Ball," it is held at the Holon Museum of Design.
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La Rondinaia: Splendour on the gulf

Published on September, 9th 2021

La Rondinaia was built in 1927 and in 1972 it became the "buen ritiro" of the famous writer Gore Vidal. Thanks to its beauty it has become over time one of the best places to visit for famous celebrities of the star system. Today it is an elegant Luxury Resort that offers, in addition to unparalleled comfort, an enchanting view of the Gulf of Sorrento.
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A night at the Vicens’ house

Published on August, 31st 2021

The first house designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, Casa Vicens has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. Restored and opened to the public years ago, now starting from next autumn, thanks to an AirBnb initiative, it will also be possible to stay in this precious home.
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“Automania”: car passion!

Published on August, 23rd 2021

The Museum of Modern Art in New York hosts 'Automania', an exhibition that offers an interesting reflection on how the emergence of motor vehicles influenced lifestyles and the urban environment in the 20th century.
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Serena Confalonieri: An Art Nouveau toast

Published on August, 17th 2021

Designed during the lockdown by Serena Confalonieri, the collection “Calypso”, thanks to its pastel colours and styles clearly inspired by Art Nouveau, evokes a sense of lightness able to brighten the darkness of this period.
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Women and design: a winning combination

Published on July, 29th 2021

The great contribution of women to the world of design over the past 120 years is at the center of an exhibition organized at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein.
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Dominique Roches: perfumes lead to the discovery of new worlds

Published on July, 26th 2021

Dominique Roches in the book "Cueilleur d'essences - Aux sources des parfums du monde" tells about his fascinating journeys in search of those precious natural elements at the base of the creation of perfumes.
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Mario De Biasi: a hymn to life

Published on July, 23rd 2021

Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice hosts a great retrospective exhibition dedicated to Mario De Biasi. 216 photos on show, half of which previously unpublished, that talk about the many facets of one of the greatest Italian photographers.
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Hotel Castello di Reschio: royal comfort

Published on July, 19th 2021

Situated in the green hills of Val di Pierle in Umbria, on the Tuscan border, an old castle dating back to 1050 was transformed into an exclusive and charming Hotel.
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America in Florence

Published on July, 14th 2021

Through 80 works by 53 artists, the exhibition “American Art 1961-2001” in progress at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence offers a charming picture of the rich and varied US artistic production that includes Pop Art, Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Pictures Generation.
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Yayoi Kusama: psychedelic emotions

Published on July, 8th 2021

An exciting psychedelic journey made of thousands of lights and colours, this is what the Infinity Mirror Rooms of artist Yayoi Kusama at Tate Modern in London offer their visitors.
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Orient Express: glamour with slowness

Published on July, 5th 2021

The International hotel and travel group Belmond organises a series of trips, one of which on board the legendary Venice Simplon Orient Express. A way to experience again the elegance and splendour of the past while discovering enchanting landscapes throughout Europe.
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Vico Magistretti: from Milan to the world

Published on June, 21st 2021

Milan Triennale dedicates a retrospective exhibition to Vico Magistretti, great architect-designer who from Milan took the essentiality and beauty of the Italian style around the world.
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Douglas Kirkland: Coco and Marilyn, two myths compared

Published on June, 17th 2021

An exhibition taking place in Biella compares two icons of cinema and fashion: Marilyn Monroe and Coco Chanel portrayed during the '60s by the Canadian photographer Douglas Kirkland.
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Hotel Paradiso: cinema in a room

Published on June, 15th 2021

Hotel Paradiso, the world’s first cinema-hotel with an immense collection of films from all over the world to watch in absolute comfort from your room, just opened in Paris.
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Decas: a scented hymn to Italy

Published on May, 28th 2021

Created to celebrate the year of unification of Italy, 1861 XJ Collection is enriched with a new charming essence, “Decas”, a fragrant hymn to the luxuriant nature of Belpaese.
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Odeuropa: in search of lost smells

Published on May, 21st 2021

Odeuropa is an interesting project that through the collaboration of a team of experts aims at retracing the smells lost over five centuries of European history, giving life to an encyclopedia of perfumes.
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Wild Animals: let’s save them with a perfume

Published on May, 18th 2021

“Save Me” is the name of the perfume created by Xerjoff in collaboration with Save Me Trust, foundation established to support wildlife wellness and dignity and headed by Brian May and Anne Brummer.
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The Hortensia Armchair has bloomed!

Published on May, 7th 2021

Created on Instagram as "the chair that could not be made", the Hortensia Armchair, designed by Andrés Reisinger and Julia Esqué, today is produced by Moooi in limited edition.
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Xerjoff 1986: the solidarity perfume

Published on May, 3rd 2021

For the project “Spray to help”, Xerjoff created the 1986 Parfum, essence aimed at supporting the work of the Piedmontese foundation Candiolo for the fight against cancer. A successful mix of natural elements stimulating physical and mental wellbeing.
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Alice, muse of creativity

Published on April, 29th 2021

An exhibition at V&A Museum in London analyses the influence that the book “Alice’s adventures in wonderland” has had, over time, on the various creative disciplines: from cinema to photography, from theatre to fashion, from painting to music.
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The Brando: Green paradise

Published on April, 23rd 2021

Beloved by Marlon Brando who discovered it in 1962 while shooting “Mutiny on the Bounty”, Tetiaroa is one of the islands of the atoll located in French Polynesia, about 30 miles from Tahiti. Here lies The brando, a beautiful resort that combines luxury with the care for environmental sustainability.
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The aquatic world of Maria Svarbova

Published on April, 20th 2021

Old swimming pools enlivened by models performing gymnastic and aquatic exercises. It is the magical and surreal world of Slovakian photographer Maria Svarbova, attracted by the rigorous architectures of the communist era.
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“PokoPoko”, a clubhouse in the forest

Published on April, 6th 2021

Located in the luxuriant nature of Nasu highlands, about an hour away from Tokyo, “Poko Poko” is a clubhouse and an activity centre dedicated to adults and children and pervaded by a fairytale atmosphere.
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Rock: Every Cover Tells a Story

Published on March, 11th 2021

On it’s 40th anniversary Taschen reissued the history of rock through record covers, from the most famous to the ultra rare ones.
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Black and white emotions

Published on March, 4th 2021

An exhibition entitled “Noir et blanc, une esthétique de la photographie” that can be visited on the website of Grand Palais in Paris highlights the great expressive qualities of black and white photography.
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Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz: eco-luxury at high altitude

Published on February, 22nd 2021

At the foot of Plan de Corones in Alto Adige, Matteo Thun designed Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz, an elegant 5-star hotel with the highest environmental and energy sustainability standards.
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The great beauty, a view from the top

Published on February, 15th 2021

“Italy from above” is an evocative photographic volume proposing an aerial journey over the Belpaese, revealing the great artistic and architectural heritage characterising its territory.
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“Teeter-Totter Wall”, swings in the name of brotherhood

Published on February, 12th 2021

"Teeter-Totter Wall", project based on the inclusion of three tilting swings along the wall dividing USA and Mexico, won the prestigious Beazley Design of the Year 2020 award.
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Under, underwater flavours

Published on February, 2nd 2021

Under is an amazing restaurant located in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean in Norway awarded this year by Prix Versailles, contest highlighting the most innovative and spectacular architectural structures.
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“It bags”, coveted objects of desire

Published on January, 28th 2021

“Bags: inside out” is the title of an exhibition held at Victoria and Albert Museum in London celebrating the world of “It bags” over a period of 500 years.
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“Wanderlust Europe”: European Wild Trails

Published on January, 21st 2021

While the pandemic limits our travels and movements, a book entitled "Wanderlust Europe" will take you on some of the most enchanting trails to explore the most evocative places of the Old Continent.
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Hotel Les Deux Gares: cozy eclecticism

Published on January, 14th 2021

Thanks to the renovation work by Luke Edward Hall a former railway boarding house reopened in Paris becoming Hotel Les Deux Gares, ideal accommodation for all eclecticism lovers.
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